On average, we are able to have the bad reviews deleted in just 3-4 weeks. The fastest we have ever had a review deleted is 47 minutes (it was a Facebook review). Some reviews take longer than others, which is why we give ourselves a full 90 days to get the job done. The longer you wait to hire us, the longer the review will be up – so click here to get started now.

Whether it was posted today or years ago, we can begin taking action immediately.

You could do this yourself… just like you could sell your home yourself, but some things are best left for the professionals.

Sure, you could watch hours of videos on how to get fake reviews deleted but there are TONS of techniques – how do you know which approach to take? What if you mess up? What if your business review profile is flagged? What if Yelp gives your page a notice (which is displayed publicly)? Additionally, this time you are spending on trying to get the fake review deleted would be much better spent on focusing what you’re best at – running and growing your business.

We specialize in deleting fake reviews (hence our business name). We know the best techniques and what works. The review platforms’ moderators can be a pain to deal with – which is why our clients’ hire us, the professionals.

Yes! Even if you have reported the fake review and was told it would not be deleted because it did not violate any rules or content guidelines – we can still have it deleted. The review platforms’ moderators can be a pain to deal with – which is why our clients’ hire us.

We can have it deleted – guaranteed or it’s free.

No – we do not make any claims to delete real reviews posted by real customers.

Once we have the fake, misleading, or unfair review deleted – we setup monitoring on your page. This way, if the same review is ever reposted, we will have it swiftly deleted at absolutely no cost to you. Even if the same review is reposted a million times, you do not owe us a single penny to have it deleted again, and again, and again, and again…….

We get bad fake and misleading reviews deleted from Amazon, Facebook, Glassdoor, Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. This includes reviews posted by competitors, ex-employees, non-customers, or trolls.

Guarantee & Refunds

If you pay for 10 fake reviews to be deleted and we are only able to have 9 deleted within 90 days, you will be refunded for one (1) review – which would be a $150 refund (assuming you didn’t use a coupon code).

If 90 days has passed and we were unable to have a review deleted – your refund will be paid by check, mailed to the address we have on file, and will be made out to your company name. Checks are mailed out on the seventh (7th) business day after the guarantee period has passed and mailed via USPS (United States Postal Service). If you wish for the refund to be paid out to a different name, please contact us within five (5) business days after the guarantee period has passed. You will receive an email once the guarantee period has passed requesting this information. You will also have the option to extend the guarantee period so we can continue to work on getting the remaining review(s) deleted. If you do not respond to our email within five (5) business days, it will be assumed that you are choosing to get the refund.

*We do not offer refunds via a credit or reversal to your credit/debit card for any reason.*

After the order is placed, cancellations are not allowed for any reason. This is because our team gets to work within the hour. If on a payment plan, continued payments are still in full effect and will be applicable to our collection policies.

Yes! Our guarantee is simple and to the point: If we are unable to delete the fake, misleading, or unfair review(s) within ninety (90) days from time of full payment, it’s free.


Yes! We offer discounts for 10 or more reviews. Please contact us for a quote.

We securely accept payments by eCheck, paper check, and bank transfer. Due to cardholder regulations, reputation management companies are not allowed to accept credit/debit cards as payment for any order. This is an industry-wide regulation and not just for Delete Fake Reviews.


We are happy you want to post about us on your Facebook profile! Even though we would greatly appreciate you publicly sharing your experience with Delete Fake Reviews – we highly advise against it. If you post that you hired us to handle a fake, misleading, or unfair review – you could potentially become a target for fake reviews. If you would like to tell other business owners about how awesome we are, we would suggest you do it in a private setting (direct messages or in person).

As much as we would like to provide you with a list of our happy customers, we cannot due to various reasons. In the past, we released a list of our most recent happy customers. They then became a target for fake reviews (which we had deleted for them – free of charge). For this reason, we cannot release specific customers or businesses we work with/have worked with.

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